About Me

I am a young entrepreneur who started from scratch. I’ll tell you my story:

I was born to Moroccan parents in Italy in 1991. After a Degree in Management in Pavia and a Master in Bocconi I decided to avoid any form of internship and in 2016 I started managing a nightclub in exchange for company shares. In 2019 I completed my first “exit” of 15 thousand Euros, little money but which allowed me to import Aviva Wines in Italy and bring it to invoice 5 million Euros in 2 years, creating a new business model.

From 2020 to the end of 2021 I created two other companies: Bombeer with Christian Vieri (from which I EXIT in June 2022) and Mood Wines, the first Prosecco Luminous in the world.

At a certain point in my entrepreneurial life I created a management software with electronic invoicing that I used to automate the operational processes of my companies. I was so satisfied with the platform created that I decided to share it with all the entrepreneurs who live the difficult operational routine every day. Proonty was born in February 2022 which will then be launched definitively on the market in July 2022.

El Original Srl, a company created to bring Aviva Wines to Italy, will start producing limited edition beverage products in partnership with famous brands, luxury brands and well-positioned companies and will become the only home of all my products: brands created from scratch and strategic products imported from abroad.

My own companies

My own companies


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