President of 25H Holding

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Economics at Bocconi University of Milan in 2016, I started my entrepreneurial journey. In the following, what I have achieved:

  • Member and director of Grillo Social Club (historic nightclub in Vigevano) in 2016 > Exit in 2019
  • Founder of Landmark (now Billionaire Group), a Marketing focus on Product and Promotion company in 2019 > Exit in 2020
  • Founder of El Original Srl for development and distribution of Aviva Wines in Italy in 2019 (from 0 to 6 MLN)
  • Founder of Bombeer Srl with Christian Vieri in 2020 (from 0 to 1.5 MLN) > Exit in 2022
  • Founder of M8D Srl, creation and development of Mood Wines, first luminous prosecco in the world (BestSeller in the best Discotheques in the World)
  • Development of JustFit in 2020 (development of two new openings) > Exit 2022
  • Founder of Proonty, management software with electronic invoicing able to automate internal company processes
  • Development of Au Vodka (best-selling vodka in the UK) in Italy and acquisition of exclusive distribution from 2022

25H Holding Srl

25H Holding is the holding company established in July 2020 to manage and develop all my companies and brands

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